• Our Vision

    Clean, advanced formulations and multi-functionality, leading to a straight-forward, uncomplicated beauty regimen.

    Less clutter. More time.

  • Our Efforts

    We recognize the importance of clean beauty and formulate our products with this in mind.

    We are still working on our last reformulation to make sure that the product is just as beloved as the current formula.

    We are super excited to have converted our shipping to compostable mailers.

    Next is packaging. We are researching more sustainable options while choosing what will work best for our customers.

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What People are Saying

Our Client
Our Client
Our Client

"I'm obsessed with this Blow Dry Primer... It makes my hair look & smell amazing!"

"If I was stuck on an island, this would be the one hair product I take with me!"

I've never had fewer split ends in my life! I use it every time I blow dry. I'm so impressed with how well this works.