Blow Dry Primer: 3 Reasons to Use On Your Hair

Blow Dry Primer: 3 Reasons to Use On Your Hair

Have you ever noticed that in books and movies the main character will change their hair when a major event happens? This is because, as people, so much of our identity is connected to our hair. So, why do we do so much damage to it, without doing just as much, if not more, to repair it? At Lace Luxury Haircare, they are dedicated to developing products that help keep hair healthy, because they understand the importance of hair. One of their most popular products, Blow Dry Primer, can help combat the repeated damages we inflict every day with heat, and chemicals. Here are the 3 top reasons you should use it on your hair daily.

  1. How Much It Helps

If you are like the majority of people out there, you use a lot of heat on your hair. This heat can come from blow drying, straightening, and curling. Excessive heat, over 300o F, can weaken hair by changing the shape of keratin strands in your hair. Over time your hair will weaken and lose its elasticity becoming more prone to damage.  Here are signs that your hair has become damaged: 

  • Dull and Dry: If you wash your hair and it looks less bright than before washing it, then your hair is not retaining moisture. 
  • Breakage: If you notice short pieces of hair sticking up, it is likely due to the hair breaking off. 
  • Split Ends: Split ends happen when the tips of your hair actually split apart. While it is more common at the tips, any part of the hair strand can split into two or more strands that resemble a tree branch. 
  • Changed Texture: If you feel like your hair is not as soft as it used to be, it could mean that you have damaged hair. 

These are some of the more common signs of hair damage. Luckily, Lace Luxury Haircare’s Blow Dry Primer is specially formulated to give your hair strength, shine, softness, and hydration. 

  1. Clean, Natural Ingredients

Lace Luxury Haircare is devoted to using only clean ingredients. This means that there is nothing that can be harmful, no highly processed ingredients, and they’re from natural sources. Their Blow Dry Primer has things like Apple Cider Vinegar, Amino Acids, and Aloe leaf juice. So you can feel good about your hair, and the environment. 

  1. Ease of Use

Oftentimes with hair care products, the directions of use can be just as confusing as the ingredient list. Which is also the case in this situation. Luckily, the ingredient list is easy, and the directions are simple too. The blow dry primer can be used on wet hair, and dry hair. To use on when hair just rub a small amount, roughly the size of a nickel, into wet hair before blow drying. For dry hair, just add a small bit to add silkiness to your strands. Easy, right?

Check Out Lace Luxury’s Blow Dry Primer!

Using Blow Dry Primer from Lace Luxury Haircare daily can help restore strength, moisture, hydration, softness, and shine. And with the thermal protection you can feel secure knowing that it will become less damaged in the future despite what you do to it. Added to that, the formula is weightless so it won’t weigh down your hair. 

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