What Is Independent Beauty?

What Is Independent Beauty?

Independent Beauty

Indie beauty brands have become increasingly popular over the last decade. But what Indie Brands are, in the broadest sense of the term, simply means that the company is independently owned. They are privately owned businesses that are not linked or affiliated with large commercial companies. This means that if something were to happen to their company or business they would not have corporate funding to help them as the bigger companies do. If this generic definition was the way to be considered ‘Indie’ then every smaller-sized business would be thought of as such. However, there are certain standards that must be met by the company, and the owner, to completely embody the idea of a true Indie company. 

As previously mentioned, Indie companies have become super trendy over the last decade, but the question is why? There are dozens of possible reasons, with most of them being completely dependent on the individual company. However, many believe that the dramatic rise of Independent Beauty companies is largely due to the appeal they have to the underserved demographic. 

People, regardless of who they are and what they like, want to feel included and important. That’s why most independent companies serve a very specific purpose and a specific consumer market. One of the best things about buying from an Indie company is that you can feel great about supporting an individual rather than a large corporation and knowing that your contribution to their business is a contribution to the community as a whole. 

Along with a niche product market, people also love that Independent Beauty brand companies are direct-to-consumer, and more reliable. This is particularly true for Indie Beauty companies, like Lace Luxury. There are so many companies out there that produce beauty products, but what sets this one apart? 


Small companies, for some reason, do not get the respect and recognition they deserve. But what they lack in size, they make up for in knowledge. For example, Lacy has taken the time over the last 18 years to gain knowledge of the hair and beauty world. By working at a Jacques Dessanage salon she fell in love with what she learned and it has taken her to the world of research and development for products. Not only that, but she even takes the time to share what she knows with the people around her. 


One of the staple ideas behind Indie is the way it is approached and how it is presented to the world. People in the Independent Beauty industry crave doing it differently than it has always been done. The reason for this is that doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results is crazy. For some, it is how they market themselves. However, for others like Lace Luxury, the difference, the unconventional, is in the product. They only offer clean hair products, and are part of the clean beauty movement. Clean beauty, for those who don’t know, reject harmful, or potentially harmful, ingredients like:

  • Parabens
  • Synthetic fragrances
  • Formaldehyde
  • Oxybenzone
  • Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA)

Just to name a few. 


Dedication is one of the most important values of an Independent Beauty company. It isn’t just being dedicated to what they do, but rather being dedicated to the standards by which they hold themselves. This includes being dedicated to learning everything they can about their field, and continuing to learn, and putting forth the effort to also help others. Dedication can also be shown in their business practices and their products, like being devoted to clean beauty even though it would probably be cheaper, and easier to do otherwise. This practice is something that is so important to Indie companies.


Being individually owned can be a challenge, because there isn’t a larger, commercial entity there to back them up if they fail. They have to fully love what they do in order to succeed at doing it on any level. You can’t beat their drive for what they do. Above all else, Independent Beauty brand companies have passion for what they do. Passion beyond compare. They take pride in their work, because it isn’t just their income; it is their life. 


One of the biggest reasons people start a small business is because they legitimately care about the product and services that are available to people. This is especially true for Indie companies in the beauty industry because the products they create could be out there in some shape or form, but they know that what they create is better, for people, for the environment, or just plain works better. They are driven by that compassion and use it to create something wonderful.

Choose Lace Luxury Haircare for Your Independent Beauty Today!

All of these ideals are so tightly woven with each other, that each aspect affects the other. Knowledge drives unconventional business aspects, which leads to dedication to that practice. Dedication, along the way, leads to an all consuming passion, which leads to compassion for people. 

Indie Beauty brand companies are, Lace Luxury is, more than just a small business. They are even more than the definition of Indie. They are a people. A dedicated community of individuals who strive to be different and deliver on something unique. They are the heart and soul of a lifestyle centered away from big commerce. At the heart of everything, Independent Beauty is what we should all strive to be: Knowledgeable about the impact we have; unconventional in how we see the world, and how we affect the world; dedicated to the way things should be done; passionate about life; and compassionate about people. Lacy, at Lace Luxury Haircare is the complete embodiment of the ideals behind Indie Beauty brand companies.

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