How To Use a Skin Care Face Mask

How To Use a Skin Care Face Mask

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Should You Use a Skin Care Face Mask in Your Routine?

A skin care face mask can be a beneficial addition to your skincare routine. Face masks work by
penetrating the skin, creating a barrier between your skin and the air. This brings the ingredients deeper, infusing your pores and allowing your skin to soak up more of the healing and moisturizing ingredients. Face masks can give you an immediate glow and can also have long-term benefits.

What is a Face Mask for Skin Care?

A skin care face mask is usually a thick cream, paste, or sheet containing vitamins, minerals, fruit
extracts, and other ingredients to hydrate, moisturize, exfoliate, remove excess oils, and pull out impurities in the skin. skin care face mask have different ingredients and methods of application, depending on the desired result.

When Should You Use a Face Mask in Your Skin Care Routine?

Face masks should be applied to clean skin, so be sure to cleanse before using a mask. They can be used 1-2 times a week, or when you need a boost or glow. After using and cleaning the mask from your skin, be sure to moisturize. Most masks are not for everyday use.

Lace Luxury Whipped Clay Masks

whipped clay mask and skin care face mask
Ginger Saffron Whipped Clay Mask

Ginger Saffron is a master toner and moisturizer. It is the ultimate mask for calming, balancing, and exfoliating your stressed-out skin. Kaolin clay increases circulation without irritating even sensitive skin and the vitamins and aloe in the Ginger Saffron will make your skin glow from head to toe!

face and scalp mask
Moroccan Pink Whipped Clay Mask

Moroccan Pink contains flower-based scents including honeysuckle, rosehip, and geranium, as
well as essential oils, aloe, olive oil, raspberry, and green tea to give your scalp and skin the
non-pore clogging moisture it needs. The Kaolin clay mask is perfect for dry or sensitive skin and
offers a sweet, soft, and natural glow.

French Green Whipped Clay Mask

French Green is a gentle Kaolin clay mask that works on both your hair AND your skin and
includes ingredients such as aloe, rosemary, sage, coconut, and dandelion. This mask exfoliates
and delivers crucial impurity-removing minerals, without stripping you of your skin’s precious
natural oils.

Each mask comes with a Lace Luxury bamboo mask brush, a super soft applicator that makes
spreading your mask perfectly even every time. For best results, wet your brush before applying
the mask.

Do Skin Care Face Masks Actually Work?

Face masks are a great addition to your skincare routine. Many dermatologists agree that they
can be beneficial.
 The process of prolonged contact with the active ingredients on the skin
enhances the penetration of those ingredients. Also, while your mask is on your skin moisturizing
and healing, you can relax and destress. Perhaps prepare a cup of tea, read a book, or just sit
and enjoy pampering yourself! Self-care is just as important as caring for your hair and skin.

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